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Government Girls College (Madarsa) 1901

Regarding education, the situation in Larkano, as revealed by the socio-economic sample survey, is relatively better off than the national average.  It can be seen in the table below that women are greatly disadvantaged regarding the literacy index.

Larkano: Literacy Ratios - Active Population (1985)

  Literates % Illiterates %
Males 73.0 27.0
Females 31.0 69.0
Total 52.0 48.0

Source: 1985 Socio-economic Sample Survey, Larkano ODP

Larkano: Distribution of Literate Population (Excluding Students) by Educational Attainment

Educational Level %
Primary 45.9
Middle 30.9
High/Intermediate 19.5
Graduate/Post Graduate 3.7

Source: 1985 Socio-economic Sample Survey, Larkano ODP


In 1947, the year of Independence, there were only 9 primary and 3 secondary schools in Larkano.  In 1970 this figure rose to 30 primary and 4 secondary (middle and high) schools.  In 1985, there were 44 primary, nine secondary, six colleges, and four vocational institutes.  The table below presents information about the number or educational units, students, and staff in Larkano, including higher educational levels.

Larkano: Educational Units, Students, and Staff

Type of Units No of Units Enrolment No of Staff
    Male Female  
Primary 44 8500 4029 355
Secondary 9 5600 1470 227
Colleges 6 4637 N/A
Vocational Institutes 4 24436 N/A

N/A: Data Not Available

Source: 1985 Socio-economic Sample Survey, Larkano ODP


Important Educational Institutes of Larkano


  1. Government Pilot High School (1926)
  2. Minicipal High School
  3. District Council High School
  4. Girls High School
  5. Abdul Qadir Middle School
  6. Walid High School

Beside these government schools, there are many private schools in Larkano.


  1. Government Degree College
  2. Government Pilot College
  3. Municipal College
  4. Government Girls College (previously the Madarsa constructed 1901)

Professional Institutes

Chandka Medical College

  1. Chandka Medical College
  2. Polytechnic Institute
  3. Teachers' Training College
  4. Nursing School
  5. Paramedic School
  6. Police Training School
  7. Women's Teaching and Training School